Greetings, beer geeks!

Welcome! This is NOT the official Web site of The Malt House, a craft beer bar located at the corner of East Washington Avenue and Milwaukee Street in Madison, Wisconsin.  I don’t even think there is an official Malt House Web site.  I am just a satisfied customer and craft beer enthusiast seeking to promote good beer, and will attempt to maintain a reasonably current draught list of the 18 regional, national, and Belgian/other international beers being served.  But selection can change at almost any moment, so feel free to submit updates.


~ by malthousefan on 12 November 2008.

2 Responses to “Greetings, beer geeks!”

  1. I worked with Bill in the corporate world. Glad to see him doing so well and enjoying life. Been there a few times and really enjoy the beer selection. Probably a good thing it is not on the west side where I live – depending on how you look at it (e.g. I would spend too much time there!)

  2. I’m glad it’s on the Eastside, too. It means I get to stop in on the way home from different places more often. In contrast, I hardly ever make it to Brasserie V or Monroe Street Bistro because (for me) they generally require a separate trip. Thanks for sharing your good wishes for Bill. I don’t know if he ever looks at it (after all, he knows what beers he has on tap 🙂 ), but if he does he’ll see your message here.

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