Black and Tan

Although Saint-Patrick’s Day had been almost two weeks earlier, I saw a customer on Friday order a couple of Black and Tans. Jaquie appeared a bit flustered about not having a nitro-pour stout on tap, but quickly went to the bottle cooler for a widget can Guinness and a bottle of Harp. She prepared the two B/Ts and the customer was happy.

One can’t help but think, however, how much better it might have been if done fresher and more locally. With Lakefront Snake Chaser Irish Stout still on tap at the time and Fauerbach Export, the stout and lager combination could have been all-Wisconsin, and still fairly traditional.

The thought of a Black and Tan for those of more extreme palates came to mind when I saw another customer order a Stone Ruination IPA (not a lager, but “tan” nonetheless) and a Bell’s Double Cream Stout (separately, not poured together). Mmmm, beer.

As it turned out, my personal selection of beers for the evening—which I ordered before any prompting by the B/T customer—could have been another “alternative” B/T combination. Ale Asylum Ballistic IPA followed by a Tyranena Benji’s Chipotle Imperial Porter. (I, too, drank these separately.)

Be(er) creative!


~ by malthousefan on 29 March 2009.

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