Malt House outdoor seating opens


Readers in Madison are probably well aware of the trouble Bill Rogers had when trying to get outdoor seating approved. But if this is new to you, the abridged version of the story is that the parking lot is not exactly up to code. (When it rains, one Malt House patron refers to the parking lot as “Lake Rogers.”) Bill does not own the property and the landlord–who was going to develop the vast empty lot across the street before the economy went bust–probably hasn’t made parking lot maintenance a high priority.

But the city and Rogers arrived at a compromise. Rogers doesn’t have to regrade and repave the lot and make other improvements (which would be a substantial capital expense for someone who doesn’t even own the property), but will have the pavement patched enough to satisfy the city, in return for approval of the conditional use for an outdoor seating area.

The ornamental fencing and picnic tables were added over the weekend and the area opened for use on Monday. The long picnic table seating should encourage a sociable atmosphere as people make new friends over their common passion for great beer.

In the photo below, you can see Rogers holding the sign that he no longer needs to post at the door.





~ by malthousefan on 5 August 2009.

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