Black and Tan

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Although Saint-Patrick’s Day had been almost two weeks earlier, I saw a customer on Friday order a couple of Black and Tans. Jaquie appeared a bit flustered about not having a nitro-pour stout on tap, but quickly went to the bottle cooler for a widget can Guinness and a bottle of Harp. She prepared the two B/Ts and the customer was happy.

One can’t help but think, however, how much better it might have been if done fresher and more locally. With Lakefront Snake Chaser Irish Stout still on tap at the time and Fauerbach Export, the stout and lager combination could have been all-Wisconsin, and still fairly traditional.

The thought of a Black and Tan for those of more extreme palates came to mind when I saw another customer order a Stone Ruination IPA (not a lager, but “tan” nonetheless) and a Bell’s Double Cream Stout (separately, not poured together). Mmmm, beer.

As it turned out, my personal selection of beers for the evening—which I ordered before any prompting by the B/T customer—could have been another “alternative” B/T combination. Ale Asylum Ballistic IPA followed by a Tyranena Benji’s Chipotle Imperial Porter. (I, too, drank these separately.)

Be(er) creative!


The Audacity of Hops

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I spotted this homebrew label last night. What’s your first (“inaugural”) homebrew for 2009 going to be called? Creative replies welcome!

From President-Elect to an Elected President

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Obama in brewpub

To your health! Cooking with beer.

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Although the Malt House doesn’t have a kitchen, chances are that the vast majority of you eat. And for those of us who not only pair beers with our food, but also cook with beer (and I don’t mean in the sense that a sloshed Julia Child cooked “with wine”), the following research may not be surprising.

An article in New Scientist reports a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry that suggests that marinating meats in beer reduces the cancer-causing compounds created by the high heat of frying or grilling. (Wine works, too, but it’s less effective than beer in this respect.) Not only does beer make it taste better, it’s, repeat after me, good for you.

Bon appetit!

Holy Hopsinjoor, Batman!

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Just while I was sitting at the bar after Friday’s Badger game, two beers blew and were replaced. Becky said it was three just since opening at 4pm. New beers on since last time: Lake Louie Scotch Ale, Central Waters Glacial Trail IPA, Dogfish Head Theobroma, and Jenlain Noel. Take a look at the updated draught list and stop in for one of the new beers!

Black Albert’s the buzz at the Malt House

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Ordering an $11 beer at a pub may not be your everyday thing, but sometimes you just have to try something despite the price. The buzz at the Malt House on Monday was the Black Albert Imperial Stout from De Struise Brouwer. (Bill Rogers commented that it’s the most expensive keg he’s bought to date).

You may want to order two beers and make Black Albert your second one to let it warm up enough to allow the flavours to shine. (The same advice applies if you want to go to the other end of the spectrum with the Bluebird Bitter also now on tap. Right out of the tap it’s far too cold to enjoy the delicate complexity.)

What are your impressions?

Take a look at the updated draught selection below to see what else is on tap!

Draught list now includes links

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Although I’m not entirely sold on the validity of the various beer-rating sites, some of the comments can be interesting to read, and some people do use them as a reference. Therefore, I’ve added links to reviews of the beers on tap, indicated by the “BA” hyperlink after each beer. Let me know what you think. Enjoy.